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LAMPSecurityToolkit v2.0 is in the making, get your feature requests in now!

If you’ve been following my online activity for some time, you might remember a quick and dirty project some 3 years ago: LAMPSecurityToolkit. My aim was to create a PHP-based interface to do a quick check on the most basic PHP security settings to help emerging system administrators to keep their servers secure. Although the feature set has been limited and the interface was rather crude, the tool was useful. Now it is time to create version 2.0.

LAMPSecurityToolkit v2.0

So get your feature requests in by the end of March and they might just make it into version 2.0.

Proper time handling with PHP and MySQL

Few developers actually know that not only character encodings but also time handling can cause you headaches when it comes to PHP and MySQL. Contrary to popular belief, PHP’s time handling actually works quite reasonably if you know how time actually works. If you don’t, you may be in for a big surprise when you add 3 days to a date and end up with a date 4 days from now. The answer lies within the *NIX time handling.

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