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LXC tutorial

LXC is the new container virtualization technology of the Linux world. It’s free, it’s fast and it’s open source. Although it’s meant to replace OpenVZ, it’s not quite there yet.

Despite this fact LXC is an immensely useful tool to run various applications in mostly separated environments. As with all new technology, no in-depth documentation exists to date, so bear with me as I endeavor to show you how it is all put together.
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Cgroups explained: Limiting Linux Processes

How do you limit a group of processes on Linux? – The classic answer to that is: you don’t. The reason for that is simple. Linux’ historical resource limiting solution – ulimit – works on a process level. If you start a new process, that process has limits of it’s own, which is the direct explanation for the fork bomb’s effectiveness.

Unbeknownst to a lot of sysadmins however, Linux has a new toy to play with: control groups. As you might have guessed these are groups of processes, which limits can be applied to as a whole. How do they work? Bear with me and I’ll show you…
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